Here are some exciting new artists you should listen to in 2024

Gracie Abrams: Known for her emotional and deeply personal songwriting, Gracie released her debut album “Good Riddance” in 2023, which was produced by Aaron Dessner of The National. She has also been an opening act for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” and collaborated with Noah Kahan on the song “Everywhere, Everything”​ (Spotify)​.

Ice Spice: This New York rapper gained significant attention with her single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and continued to build on her success in 2023 with her debut EP “Like..?”, collaborations with Nicki Minaj, and a feature on the Barbie movie soundtrack​ (Spotify)​.

Jelly Roll: A blend of country and rap defines Jelly Roll’s style. His 2023 album “Whitsitt Chapel” was well-received, and he followed up with a successful tour across North America​ (Spotify)​.

Coco Jones: With a strong presence in R&B, Coco Jones has been making waves with her powerful vocals and stage presence. She has been gaining a steady following with her recent performances and releases​ (Spotify)​.

Night Tales: This electronic duo has been captivating audiences with their deep basslines and entrancing vocals. Their recent tracks like “D.W.Y.W.” showcase their ability to blend DJing with live instrumentation​ (iEDM)​.

Eliminate: Known for his experimental soundscapes, Eliminate, aka Nathan Merrill, continues to push the boundaries of electronic music. His debut album “Get Off The Internet” highlights his quirky spirit and innovative sound design​ (iEDM)​.

Fairlane: Tyler Mead, known as Fairlane, combines DJ sets with live guitar performances, creating a unique “rocktronic” sound. He has collaborated with artists like SLANDER and ILLENIUM, and his latest work includes a collaboration with Silverstein​ (iEDM)​.

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