Joe at the Omni William Penn

Today the summer smiles three times,
Tells love stories in songs and rhymes.
About the young, the fools, the old;
listen as the tales unfold.
Music by Joe Negri
Lyrics by Lou Tracey

“Donna Lee” Unreleased Track”

Hi All,

Gee, where did spring go? Well, It’ll be summer here in about a week and a half.
Big News. (I guess) There’s an important Birthday milestone just ahead: I’m looking forward to a lovely time celebrating with all the family. My lovely wife Joni, my three daughters, son in-laws, granddaughters, and boyfriends, yes boyfriends.The grandkids are growing up and doing well in college. Two have already received strong job “feelers” and they’re still in their Senior year. The youngest one is just finishing up her freshman year at Kent State and doing quite well. Sorry to be going on so about the kids, but they are great and we’re proud of all of them.
As for Joe and the music biz: Well, what can I say, we’re hanging in there. Just finished up my semesters at Pitt and Duquesne. Some of the students are already out performing and doing some teaching. Time does move on. I’ve had several nice “gigs” of late. Been doing Andy’s Wine Bar at the Fairmont with Zero Ted, aka Daniel May on piano and Tony DePaolis on bass. Two great guys and musicians but, It’s still a noisy room. I was asked to do some recording at CMU with the wonderful sound engineer Ricardo Schultz. We did some solo pieces and a couple of overdubs. Honestly, I don’t know where we’re headed with this but, It’s always fun to be in the studio.
Had a very enjoyable time at Our Lady of Grace Church at their first Arts Fest. It was a wonderful three-day event and I was one of featured performers…
Looks like I’ve saved the big news for last. We are heading back into the Omni Wm Penn. I heard from my old friend Bob Page and we’ll be doing a date there on Friday the 17th of June with the fabulous Jeff Lashway on piano. Here’s hoping that it will lead to more dates at the hotel.

That’s about it . Oh , almost forgot. I got a new car. It’s a Lexus I-250. It’s a year old but it came with a new car warranty. Needless to say, I Love It!
Till next time ——————- Keep Swinging!

Musically yours,

Here is a video that my Granddaughter Natalie put together for my 90th birthday:

Produced by Natalie Leven, Background music:  Minha Saudade by Joao Donato, Natalie by Joe Negri, Nina’s Smile by JoeNegri

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