Today, the summer smiles three times.
Tells love stories in songs with rhymes,
About the young, the fools the old:
Listen as the tales unfold.

“And the Summer Smiles”
Music by Joe Negri
Lyric by Lou Tracey




“Beyond the Bluebird”

The summer has been smiling a bit of late. What with climate change… yes, Climate Change. Regardless of what our Twitter happy President says the climate is a–changing. Excuse the digression I couldn’t help it. Anyway, even with climate change we can, hopefully, continue to enjoy our summers.

Things are a bit quiet on my calendar at present. I will be doing some special events coming up in august. First off we will be doing a Guitar/Bass Workshop at Duquesne University this year. No more week-long workshops. This one is one day – Saturday August 5th All Day. I’ll be doing a master class at 11:30 and a concert with the faculty at 1:30. Contact Tom Carsecka carseckat@duq.edu > for more information.

The following weekend we’ll be doing a special concert in the Kean Theatre at the St. Barnabas Senior Center in Gibsonia Pa. (north of Pittsburgh) The date is August 11th, Time: 7:00 PM. Joining me for the concert will be Max Leake on piano, Tom Wendt on drums and, back from China, Tony DePaolis on bass and maybe a vocal or two. Contact info for the concert can found at http://www.tututix.com/client/bartlett/.

Schools will begin later in August. I’ll be returning to Pitt and Duquesne and will continue to teach jazz guitar. My solo books should become available shortly. We will notify you as to how and when you can purchase them. There will be two volumes – each volume will contain ten solos and one bonus solo. Prices will be announced shortly.

Looking ahead to fall – we will be doing a special performance of my Mass of Hope in October at the Carnegie in Carnegie on Saturday, Oct 7th. Joining me will be the Bach Choir conducted by Thomas Douglas and a special jazz quartet.

Meanwhile… enjoy your summer!


Here is a video that my Granddaughter Natalie put together for my 90th birthday:

Produced by Natalie Leven, Background music:  Minha Saudade by Joao Donato, Natalie by Joe Negri, Nina’s Smile by JoeNegri

PS: My thanks to Max Leake for his superb handling of the web site. What a Renaissance man!

Be sure to check out the CDs in my store. “Guitars for Christmas” is still a hot item. One of the top jazz guitar holiday CDs. It makes a wonderful gift.

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Video from Post-Gazette Story on Joe

Video of Joe and Johnny Costa on the Ken Griffin Show (circa 1955)

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