Joe with Santa

“This December when you spread your cheer,
When you gather with your loved ones near,
Share the message that the season still brings:
Love’s the message, It’s the message that
December sings.”

from “It’s December”
words and music by Joe Negri

“Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle (You Descend From The Stars)” from “Guitars at Christmas

“Joy” from “Guitars at Christmas

Season Greetings,

Sorry I am a bit late in getting this off to all of you. I’m sure that you are all deeply immersed in your plans for the seasons Holidays. We just recently wrapped up the semester at Pitt and Duquesne. Grades are already in for Pitt and Juries are over at Duquesne.

You might have heard by now that I’m not doing a lot of playing these days. It has nothing to do with my physical condition. It’s merely that club dates seem to have fallen off considerably and the local “jazz gigs” are not very inviting anymore. The venues are not conducive to playing. Almost all have noisy surroundings and poor acoustics. So I’ve decided to relax and enjoy the family and the holidays this year.

I’m still doing a lot of writing. Mainly guitar solos and studies. I am happy to report that a former Pitt student of mine, Matt Hudson, now teaching at Lane Tech in Chicago has purchased a very substantial supply of my Jazz Guitar material. Matt and his students will be using my “One Guitar” solo book and my “Common Sense Approach to improvisation” in the years to come. I’m so proud and happy that the materials will continue to have a life and guitar students in years to come will have the opportunity to work with my materials.

Just a little reminder that if you’re looking for a musical presents for a loved one this year be sure to check out my web site. There are CDs (Guitars for Christmas) is still a wonderful holiday gift. There are other gifts there like my book “One Guitar”. So please be sure to visit the store while you browses the site.

All the best! I wish you the happiest of holidays and the best for the New Year.


Here is a video that my Granddaughter Natalie put together for my 90th birthday:

Produced by Natalie Leven, Background music:  Minha Saudade by Joao Donato, Natalie by Joe Negri, Nina’s Smile by JoeNegri

PS: My thanks to Max Leake for his superb handling of the web site. What a Renaissance man!

Be sure to check out the CDs in my store. “Guitars for Christmas” is still a hot item. One of the top jazz guitar holiday CDs. It makes a wonderful gift.

There is a new guitar chart of “Here, There and Everywhere” celebrating the Beatles 50th on the “Lessons” page.

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Video from Post-Gazette Story on Joe

Video of Joe and Johnny Costa on the Ken Griffin Show (circa 1955)

Video of the Gershwin Medley with the Wheeling Symphony